March 2015


    Collector Starter Kit

    Sarah Schneider, April 2015

    Most wines aren’t meant to age – they’re ready to drink when you buy them. That said, when you move up the price chain a little, bottles tend to promise to get more interesting over time (how much time varies among varieties and vintages – the subject of much debate). The simplest plan: Trust producers with track records, and you’ll be rewarded for your wait. A handful of wines can launch a cellar. Think about the times you wish you had a special bottle on hand – and buy (more than one, to kick-start things) for those occasions.

    A top version of the country’s favorite wine
    Chardonnay will please your out-of-town guests, and well-balanced Chards age well for a few years (Benovia, Lynmar Estate, MacRostie, Red Car, Sandhi, Three Sticks).


    Making Wine and Realizing Dreams

    sonomavalleysunby Greg Walter
    March 18, 2015

    “…it’s great to be able to write about a winemaker who has been a fixture here in the Sonoma Valley for decades who in the last five years or so has hit some truly high points on the “dreams realized” list.”

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