February 2021

  • Wine Enthusiast Advanced Buying Guide

    Wine Enthusiast
    April 2021
    by Virginie Boone

    2018 MacRostie Kent Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay Russian River Valley – 91 Points: Excellent; highly recommended

    “Floral and mineral driven, this white is also robust in tropical and stone fruit, while being substantial in style and body weight. A note of honey adorns the palate and nose and emphasizes the viscous roundness in the wine.”

  • 5 Special Wines Perfect for Valentine’s Day Weekend
    February 8, 2021
    by Ken Ross

    “I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.

    Sure, it’s a fun excuse to have a great meal and a terrific bottle of wine.

    But there’s often so much pressure when it comes to this holiday.

    If you’re dating someone, especially early on, it can be daunting trying to figure out what to get or what to do on this day.

    Spend a fortune on a fancy dinner at a restaurant?

    Buy flowers? Or chocolate? Or something more unique?

    And what if you just started dating?

    Is it too much too soon?

    And what if you’re married? You can’t ignore the holiday. But do you really need a day to show off about how much you love the person you love? Shouldn’t you be saying that and expressing that every day already?

    And if you’re single, you can definitely feel left out.

    So what does all of this have to do with wine, you might be wondering?

    I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to open the greatest wine in the world on Valentine’s Day.

    If you want to open something really special, that’s great. And I have a few, really special wines recommended below.

    But you’re under enough pressure already.


    Don’t worry.

    Opening a bottle of wine should be a fun part of Valentine’s Day, not another chore.

    And if you’re not with someone, don’t worry. You can always finish the rest of the bottle the next night, especially this year

    That’s because Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday on a long weekend this year. The next day is President’s Day (or Family Day if you’re from Canada’s Ontario province like my wife).

    This week, I decided to recommend five wines for Valentine’s Day weekend – 2 reds, 2 whites and 1 Champagne. I really love all these wines. And best of all, many of them are not that expensive.

    Just please don’t think of these special wines recommended this week as Valentine’s Day trophies to be paraded out in celebration of the love of your life.

    Think of them as really great wines you just happened to open on February 14th with someone you love, with family members or maybe simply on your own.

    Just don’t forget to tell the person you’re with you love them.

    Hope you enjoy.”

    2016 MacRostie Charles Heintz Vineyard Chardonnay Russian River Valley

    “You’ll probably have to order this wine directly from the winery located in California’s Russian River Valley. That’s the case often with many, smaller wineries in this magical part of California but it’s worth the hassle. That’s because there are so many small producers making outstanding wines (especially Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs) in the Russian River Valley area of Sonoma County. This particular winery is one I visited two years ago. Recently, I opened this particular bottle and was immediately transported back to the winery’s spectacular, outdoor tasting area. This Chardonnay’s flavors range from hints of lemon, melted butter and chestnuts. A truly wonderful wine and great expression of the region’s incredible wine making climate and culture.”

  • MacRostie in Vino Magazine

    Vino Magazine
    December 2020
    by Jernej Kovač

    “The last day before leaving for the airport, we stopped in the Russian River Valley, where the colder climate and mists of the Pacific Ocean are especially pleasing to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. What was quickly confirmed was that MacRostie is, for a reason, an award-winning wine cellar for both, wines and the tasting experience. It is certainly not unimportant in what ambience and mood we taste the wine. If it a wine is a »big one«, it deserves that kind of space, too. And here he has it. Minimalist-modern design of the wine cellar tasting room with large panoramic windows, where the interior extends into a large terrace with open views of the picturesque surrounding vineyard hills. Here, as elsewhere, in a relaxed atmosphere, personal approach and perfect service, we tried the excellent Chardonnays and fruity Pinot Noir with an earthy touch, which are typical of the coastal part of Sonoma.

    But the real experience is made, or not, by people. In a conversation with the cellar’s staff, they confided in us that they are employed in completely different profession, but for their soul, in their free time they are engaged in what they like best: wine, guests and hospitality. Thus – as volunteers participate in the cellar as wine tastings hosts. The payment is in the form of tips, and at the end of the day, in addition to the satisfaction of working, which also perfects them in life, they can take open wine left over from the tastings to their home.”

  • Show Your Love With American Sparkling Wine This Valentine’s Day

    February 2, 2021
    by Katie Kelly Bell

    “American sparkling wine has grown from a small group of producers into a kinetic exciting industry. Each year brings more winemakers willing to take on the challenges of crafting sparkling wine the exact same way they make it in Champagne (known as Méthode Champenoise). The American sparkling pioneers (Mumm, Schramsburg, Roederer, Domaine Carneros, Domaine Chandon, Argyle, and Gloria Ferrer to name a few) continue to craft exceptional examples of sparkling wine. But, there are many more made-in-America sparklings out there to try, below is a list to get you started.”

    2017 MacRostie Sparkling Brut

    “Winemaker Heidi Bridenhagen used Chardonnay from the famed Sangiacamo Vineyard and Pinot Noir from another cool climate site—Thale’s Estate Vineyard. The result is a sparkling with a rich mousse-like mouthfeel, very layered and complex with zesty citrus and ripe pear flavors. Really delicious. $40”