• A Scotsman and His Russian Chard

    Michael Cervin, January 19, 2015

    2012 MacRostie Russian River Valley Chardonnay – 91 Points

    “Steve MacRostie, whose family hails from Scotland, has been at the wine business for a long time debuting his first Chardonnay in 1974. It is merely one of many Chardonnay’s that clutter store shelves, right? Well yes, and no – it may sit aside other Chards, but this baby is the one you should be reaching for just now. The MacRostie 2012 Russian River Valley Chardonnay is one of those wines that can please a broad variety of palates, specifically those people who don’t like Chardonnay. This wine has it all: acidity, creaminess, notes of melon, peach, green apple, judicious oak and vanilla, a weight in the palate and is actually definable unlike the majority of tedious Chardonnays (at either the $10 range, or conversely at the $60 price point which are over-oaked and heavy handed). What MacRostie manages to do with classic Russian River grapes is make a Chardonnay that truly represents what Chardonnay is supposed to taste like. If you think Chardonnay is a either a butter and oak bomb, or you think Chardonnay equates with beige, you need to try this. And once you do, a kilt and haggis may not be far behind!”