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Since 1987, Sonoma County has been our home. By conserving water, energy, and other precious natural resources, we are dedicated to preserving its beauty and vitality for generations to come.

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For well over a decade, sustainability has been a fundamental element in how we approach growing and making wine at MacRostie. Our focus on sustainability can clearly be seen in many areas of our operations, from water conservation to energy efficiency, composting and waste reduction. But more than just believing in the idea of sustainability, we believe in the value of third-party certification, and the transparency it provides to our customers.

In May of 2012, the progress achieved by our sustainability program in areas such as ecosystem management, watershed management, sensitive species, energy efficiency, water conservation and community involvement culminated in MacRostie earning the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW) designation. Recognized as the gold standard for sustainability certification in California, this rigorous certification of environmental stewardship, conservation and socially equitable business practices was determined by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance after a review by an independent third-party auditor.

Building on this initial certification, and everything we have learned about sustainability over the years, in 2015, we achieved CCSW certification for our acclaimed Wildcat Mountain Vineyard, and our Thale’s Estate Vineyard in the Russian River Valley. While we are proud of our stewardship of these great vineyards, and in our many accomplishments in the area of sustainability, because CCSW certification requires a process of “continuous improvement,” we are constantly expanding and refining our sustainability program.

In addition to our CCSW certification, our MacRostie Winery is a certified Bay Area Green Business, which verifies that participating businesses conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprints. Most recently, MacRostie earned recognition for the sustainability achievements of our leading-edge keg wine program, which to date has saved over 100,000 bottles from the landfill.